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Who are we is an online store (Electronic Commerce) that sells on the Internet all kinds of industrial parts manufactured, or arising directly or indirectly related to the world of wire and / or its components. SPRINGMAKERS.NET is owned by MUELLES CROM, S.A.

The customer service system to SPRINGMAKERS.NET is a priority with immediate answer emails and telephone services at No. SPRINGMAKERS.NET 93.846.60.48 that make customer attention be direct, quick and efficient which translates into satisfied and loyal customers not only by saving on your purchase, but also for the care received.

The operating system is fully automated and mechanized: customers make orders placed through the website and go directly to our powerful databases from which are prepared and sent through a fully automated warehouse itself.

Thus, all orders are processed with very low operating cost, which translates into savings that directly reflected in prices which our customers enjoy.

Proprietary company:

Adress: Avda. Jordi Camp 42,44
Granollers 08403
PO BOX nº 107
phone: +34.938.498.199
fax: +34.938.466.048
Skype01: muellescrom01
Skype02: muellescrom02

Twitter: @cromparts and @muellescrom

DUNS NUMBER: 460084890

MUELLES CROM is certified by ISO TS 16949, the ISO-UNE 9001 the ISO AS-9100 and the ISO 14001

Registered in the trade register of Barcelona

T.4743, L.4064,SECC.2ª OF SOCIETYS., F.1, H.51847, INS.1ª, DATE 17-03-82.

CIF: ES-A-08720906

Bank data

IBAN: ES34 0019 0130 14 4010054853

Email contact (e-mail): mail @


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