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  • Compliant with DIN 6796, our tensioning washers are robustly dimensioned and designed for use in medium or high load screw joints.
  • The high spring force affords effective protection against relaxation and creep when joints are exposed to high stresses and movements resulting from thermal expansion or contraction.
  • In such instances, tensioning washers replace conventional lock washers.
  • Tensioning washers can be stacked in series and/or parallel. 
  • Used like disc springs.
  • Series stacking increases the available deflection of the spring stack and parallel stacking increases the force.
  • The desired installation is as near flat as possible. Spring force as below. If required, untreated spring washers can also be supplied direct from the factory. Spring washers in custom sizes and special materials, e.g. stainless, acid proof, phosphor bronze or Nimonic 90, can be produced upon request. 

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Inner diameter (Di): 2.2
Outer diameter (De): 5
Free height (Lo): 0.6
Height at force F (L1): 0.5

Inner diameter (Di): 2.7
Outer diameter (De): 6
Free height (Lo): 0.72
Height at force F (L1): 0.61

Inner diameter (Di): 3.2
Outer diameter (De): 7
Free height (Lo): 0.85
Height at force F (L1): 0.72

Inner diameter (Di): 3.7
Outer diameter (De): 8
Free height (Lo): 1.06
Height at force F (L1): 0.92

Inner diameter (Di): 4.3
Outer diameter (De): 9
Free height (Lo): 1.3
Height at force F (L1): 1.12

Inner diameter (Di): 5.3
Outer diameter (De): 11
Free height (Lo): 1.55
Height at force F (L1): 1.35

Inner diameter (Di): 6.4
Outer diameter (De): 14
Free height (Lo): 2
Height at force F (L1): 1.7

Inner diameter (Di): 7.4
Outer diameter (De): 17
Free height (Lo): 2.3
Height at force F (L1): 2

Inner diameter (Di): 8.4
Outer diameter (De): 18
Free height (Lo): 2.6
Height at force F (L1): 2.24

Inner diameter (Di): 10.5
Outer diameter (De): 23
Free height (Lo): 3.2
Height at force F (L1): 2.8

Inner diameter (Di): 13
Outer diameter (De): 29
Free height (Lo): 3.95
Height at force F (L1): 3.43

Inner diameter (Di): 17
Outer diameter (De): 39
Free height (Lo): 5.25
Height at force F (L1): 4.58

Inner diameter (Di): 19
Outer diameter (De): 42
Free height (Lo): 5.8
Height at force F (L1): 5.08

Inner diameter (Di): 21
Outer diameter (De): 45
Free height (Lo): 6.4
Height at force F (L1): 5.6

Inner diameter (Di): 25
Outer diameter (De): 56
Free height (Lo): 7.75
Height at force F (L1): 6.77

Inner diameter (Di): 28
Outer diameter (De): 60
Free height (Lo): 8.35
Height at force F (L1): 7.3

Inner diameter (Di): 31
Outer diameter (De): 70
Free height (Lo): 9.2
Height at force F (L1): 8

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